Web Hosting Space – How Much Space You Need for your website hosting?

One of the most important question related to web hosting is how much hosting space do you actually require to host a website?

webhosting spaceAnswer is simple. It depend upon your requirements. If you want to host a static website with some content of your business or personal, then you need just 100 Mb hosting space and maximum of around 1GB bandwidth/Month. In simple words, Web hosting space is the amount of hard disk space that is allocated to you for hosting your website content on a server. Now a days, there are several thousands of websites creating for hosting the videos, images and other streaming contents, around 60% of such websites are using wordpress based content management system. If your website is wordpress and you are going to host so many images and some videos, you need to start with our first beginner  plan. Check the below shown plan.

 FMDS-1 Beginner
Storage2 GB
Monthly Bandwidth10 GB
Websites Hosted5
Addon Websites4
PHP & MySQL SupportYes
Email Accounts5
Sub Domains4
Control PanelCpanel
Price$1.65/Month Or Rs.99/Month

It is very important for you to have a better knowledge of the amount of web-hosting space you required for hosting and calculate the price. Before purchasing any hosting plan, you need to compare at least 3 other hosting service providers plans for ensuring the best one. Not only space but also understand the content backup service of each web hosting service provider. It is very very important that the security of your hosted website content. Some web hosts are not providing any backup services to their customers. Here Malabarhost is ensuring the data security and backup service for free of cost.

Our support team will always ready to help you. Contact us and we will direct you to choose a suitable hosting package for your website.



  1. Amith Chakravarthi says:

    I am running one personal blog under wordpress and a simple html website. I like to know how much hosting space do i need for my website ? i mean for both websites. wordpress website having around 50 images hosted and around 20 posts.

  2. I need 500 mb

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